Meet The Band

Banjo Bones - Vox & Guitars


 Banjo Bones is the brainchild of JL “Pepe” Espada, originally born in San Juan, PR, and with a music career that spans over 35 years, including work in Central America, Japan, Washington DC, and more recently California.  

Steve Gust - Drums


Drums and percussion extraordinaire, Steve Gust has a music career that spans decades and he has the chops and flexibility to show for it.

Giorgi Khokhobashvili - Violin


A true virtuoso of his instrument, Giorig was classically trained in Georgia (the country not the state), and comfortably navigates between Gypsy Jazz, classical music, Americana and anything else thrown his way.

John Lowrey - Harmonica


A master of the harp, John is an impressive improviser who understands how to play to the song.  Check out his tasteful playing in the song His Colt 45 off of Cowboy Dreams.

Ron Smit - Bass


As if having one virtuoso in the band was not enough, Ron is as good and prolific bass player you will find this side of Victor Wooten.  His impressive chops on the bass make you forget there is no lead guitarist in the band.