Banjo Bones Influences

Bruce Springsteen Nebraska


This is the most influential record to Banjo Bones, hands down...

Chris Whitley Dirt Floor


Chris Whitley is single handedly responsible for Banjo Bones acquiring a Nation Steel resophonic guitar.  Dirt Floor is breathtaking in its simplicity

Townes Van Zandt


Look no further than Lungs, which Banjo Bones covers in live sets, to understand how truly important this artist was...

Lucinda Williams


Lucinda brought the female voice squarely into Outlaw Country, while we can't call out one album in particular it is always good to start with the first...

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison


This record was an eye opener in attitude and presence.  He was the man in black to the very end and nobody was ever as heavy as Cash could be...

Tom Waits Rain Dogs


It is extremely difficult to pick a favorite Waits album, but Rain Dogs was a lesson in production aesthetics and brilliant songwriting....